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Why Acromobile?

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Customer engagement: The Current Situation
As customer engagement has evolved from physical interaction, to online, and now mobile, companies need to empower their customers with relevant context-rich apps to help them decide and act immediately in their moments of decision.
The Challenge
Companies want to leverage mobile engagement solutions to drive sales, improve targeting and conversion rates, and increase customer loyalty, but quickly, and at a reasonable price.
Our Vision
Leveraging the latest in mobile technology, cloud computing and social networking to help businesses create a dynamic mobile engagement experience that will provide their customers with what they want, the way they want it.
The Challenge
We provide a smart framework for rapidly deploying mobile engagement solutions and an array of features that help you create a dynamic mobile experience for your customers.

In addition, we also provide features that empower your employees to collaborate, make key decisions, and enhance customer loyalty by offering immediate and intimate customer support while on the go.
Why Acromobile
We have an experienced leadership team of technopreneurs who have been a part of the evolution of customer engagement. They understand how to leverage emerging technologies, trends and industry best practices and have already proven their abilities to media, publishing, retail, healthcare, financial services, and lifestyle companies.