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Visa FinTech Asia 2014 Featuring Acromobile [Video]

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

10/12/14 00:51

FinTech Asia was hosted by Visa in Singapore to bring together innovators in payment technologies and senior executives from leading banks in Asia. Acromobile was honored to be invited to present on mobile engagement and merchant collections using Acromobile Payments. 

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Google now tags sites mobile-friendly in search results

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

03/12/14 17:06

It's no secret Google has been placing a huge emphasis on mobile this year and has steadily released new tools and SERP features to provide phone users with a better experience.

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Payment Processing for with CyberSource [Data Sheet]

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

21/10/14 06:02

Acromobile and CyberSource have partnered to deliver an omni ohannel payment solution to improve customer payment experience integrated seamlessly with robust CRM features. Click through the image below to download the data sheet and learn how to accept Credit / Debit Cards, ACH, Visa Checkout, and PayPal for orders and invoices all connected with your CRM.

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5 Reason Why Mobile Channel Marketing is Better

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

07/07/14 10:35

Engaging channel partners and sellers on the ground has always been a tough nut to crack.

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Why We Started Acromobile

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

02/07/14 13:29

Customer behavior and habits are changing across every industry globally to using mobile devices to engage with businesses. Customers are more often expecting to have imidiate and relevant access to content and services based on their context (i.e. location, time of day, and personal preferences), referred to as mobile moments.

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How an Office rental company uses mobile apps for its business

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

11/04/14 11:27

Arcc Offices offers Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and Meeting Facilities in 16 locations across 4 of Asia's key cities. Recently Arcc Offices launched iOS and Android apps, using Acromobile's Mobile Engagement platform to change the way it competes with other services similar to Arcc Offices.

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How Consumers Engage with Mobile Apps

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

09/04/14 18:01

Did you know that there are more than 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store? And that there are 1 million more in Google Play? It’s crazy.

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Mobile Internet Usage Delivers a Knockout Punch to PC's

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

14/02/14 08:14

Mobile is taking over as the primary mode of digital engagement. First we saw mobile device sales exceed PCs, now time spent on the internet per month on smartphones is 7 hours more than on PC's.

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Easy Mobile Customer Engagement for

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

14/01/14 14:27

Marketing, sales, and support executives using can easily engage customers and generate new leads using Acromobile Lite Edition.

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Impact of Mobile this shopping season

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

02/12/13 12:11

I am sure you are as innudated as I was with all the stats and news about mobile being the biggest digitial trend this holiday season. comScore has an interesting way of phrasing this - "The rise of the 3Ms: m-Retail, m-Commerce & m-Payments."

There were some interesting insights from the interview below of BI editiorial director, where he alludes to the fact that has the higgest amount of mobile-only users, even bigger than social networks such as facebook.

For e-commerce retailers like eBay, the new motto could be adapt to mobile or die. Watch EBay Marketplaces President Devin Wenig tell The Wall Street Journal why mobile phones are the company’s key to bigger profits. Editorial Director Marcelo Ballve was on CNBC recently to talk about how significant mobile shopping has become to retailers.

In a recent post by comScore, about the Four digital trends for this holiday season. A third of the average leading retailer's monthly traffic now comes exclusively from mobile devices. comScore states that - "while an app may not yet be a must-have for every retailer, a mobile strategy is essential for growing retailers' market shares and reaching new audiences who might be more inclined to shop via a mobile device."

You might be losing visitors, leads or business due to not having a mobile site or a mobile strategy if you are a bigger brand. We strongly suggest you one of the many free tools available - to understand the traffic characteristic for your website. This data can then help you set an appropriate strategy for how you can to engage your users or prospects on mobile.

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