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How an Office rental company uses mobile apps for its business

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Arcc Offices offers Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and Meeting Facilities in 16 locations across 4 of Asia's key cities. Recently Arcc Offices launched iOS and Android apps, using Acromobile's Mobile Engagement platform to change the way it competes with other services similar to Arcc Offices.

How Consumers Engage with Mobile Apps

Mobile Customer Engagement

Did you know that there are more than 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store? And that there are 1 million more in Google Play? It’s crazy.

Mobile Internet Usage Delivers a Knockout Punch to PC's

Hours spent on Smartphones

Mobile is taking over as the primary mode of digital engagement. First we saw mobile device sales exceed PCs, now time spent on the internet per month on smartphones is 7 hours more than on PC's.

Easy Mobile Customer Engagement for

Acromobile Lite

Marketing, sales, and support executives using can easily engage customers and generate new leads using Acromobile Lite Edition.

Impact of Mobile this shopping season

Total Minutes Spent in Retail Category by Platform large

I am sure you are as innudated as I was with all the stats and news about mobile being the biggest digitial trend this holiday season. comScore has an interesting way of phrasing this - "The rise of the 3Ms: m-Retail, m-Commerce & m-Payments."

QR Codes are like Atom bombs, or NOT - Part II

QR Codes Improve Attribution

The famous merchant John Wanamaker is credited with saying, “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.”

QR codes are like Atom bombs, or NOT - Part 1

QR Code Usage - China

Every invention depends on how we, human beings, end up using it - just like the atom bomb. The story's the same with QR codes. There seem to be two camps when it comes to QR codes - one group believes QR codes suck and the other is still sitting on the fence.

Mobile Apps are the new Software

Apps - the new software

Ease-of-use and user experience are directly connected to mobile apps. One of the most valuable aspects of an app, as compared to software of yesteryear, is the focus on usability, resulting in reduced learning curves and faster overall adoption and mastery.

What is the cost of an average app, and why?


Mobile app development has become a multi-billion dollar industry with seemingly endless potential. Mobile has become a highly sought-after screen for businesses, advertisers and audiences alike. So much so, that it’s increasingly at the center of entire campaign strategies.

Mobile apps will change the world of software

How the App Store changed every Apple product (via Pando Daily)

Apple has been busy. The company today released an update to its desktop operating system; offered more information about its new, high-end computer; updated the iPad mini to include an ultra high-definition display…

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