Healthway Medical is Singapore's largest network of private medical centres and clinics offering quality healthcare services across the medical value chain in primary healthcare, dental and specialist services. Healthway Medical's network of clinics and specialist centres spans across Singapore and China and maintains a leadership position in the region's healthcare industry.

The Challenge
As Singapore’s highly diversified healthcare provider operating from over 100 locations, Healthway wanted to improve customer service quality. Key challenges included:
  • Helping Healthway patients easily locate clinics and specialists
  • Facilitating easy communication between patients and specialists
  • Enhancing overall customer experience
  • Attracting new customers

The Solution
Acromobile designed Healthway Medical's solution using features from Acromobile Marketing and Contact solutions. Key functionalities include:
  • Location-based search to enable customers to find clinics by location and specialty
  • Enhanced search functionality with augmented reality
  • Improved enquiry facilitation utilizing a dynamic intelligent query system to route enquiries to the relevant decision makers
  • Event management with registration functions and the ability to sync a mobile calendar with upcoming health seminars
  • Provide customers with customized information and insights based on personal medical history

The Results
Healthway Medical achieved the following results post the launch of Acromobile's solution:
  • Increased walk-in traffic to clinics
  • Increased event and seminar attendance
  • Enhanced personalised patient services
  • Accelerated response to patient queries