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Tips for Better Mobile SEO to Drive Customer Acquisition

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

16/10/12 11:07

Mobile SEO

The rules of the internet search game are changing as more people rely on their smartphones for finding information and making purchasing decisions while on the go.

According to Google, mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, with the top activities being looking for maps, social networking and searching for information on restaurants and other local businesses. Given this, it’s crucial you take your traditional web SEO practices to mobile or risk being unable to provide content to customers when they need it most.

The first step to mobile SEO success is having a mobile version of your website. Search engines take performance, download speed and usability into account when determining page rank through mobile search. Currently, 79 per cent of online advertisers don’t have a mobile-optimised site – giving mobile-enabled websites a clear advantage over the competition.

To understand how to optimise search for mobile, you first need to understand search behaviour. What makes mobile search different from desktop search is that mobile is immediate and local. In fact, approximately one in three mobile searches are local, with 61 per cent of users calling the business searched and 59 per cent visiting in person.

People doing mobile searches are looking for real-time information to solve immediate needs, so it’s important to choose keywords that reflect this. Searches have shorter tail phrases and are more likely to rely on Google’s autocomplete feature. Aim for more focused, concise, location-based and task-orientated words and use them in the headlines, page titles and page descriptions.

When used properly, meta tags can instantly increase the amount of mobile traffic coming to your site and/or app as they provide search engines with categorical data (including location, content type and keywords) about your site.

Most businesses simply can’t afford not to integrate mobile search into their marketing strategies, especially geographically relevant businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, for example.

Clearly the world is going mobile, and there’s no turning back. Isn’t it time for you to mobilise your business too?

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Mobile searches quadrupling:

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