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How mobile is improving Marketing Attribution

Posted by Jason Masciarelli

27/11/12 15:44

“There was a time when we reached in our pocket to jingle our change.  Today, it's our pocket that jingles us... as we reach not for change, but for our mobile devices. Tomorrow, it'll be mobile marketers jingling in our pockets for that change. Wait, I hear a jingle, I think the change is already upon us.”                                                                                                                                                                           - Dan Hollings  

With so many smartphone owners using their devices for local searches, the amount of calls generated through the web is reaching historic proportions. Google research has shown that nearly two in three mobile searches result in phone app platform, mobile marketingThe new call analytics

For marketers, the great thing about this trend is that, unlike calls that are a result of computer website views, clicks on phone numbers from mobiles are trackable. This means it’s easy to link call intentions to browsing habits, giving a clearer picture of which mobile marketing activities are successful and which are not.

We know how important insights gained from mobile marketing metrics are – they show us which of our mobile websites or apps are gaining the most traction, which users are abandoning, and where we should focus our efforts. But combining this data with how many people are intending to make a phone call as a direct result of websites and apps will give greater clarity of what is working and what really isn’t.

Given this, it’s crucial that a contact phone number link is clearly displayed on both your mobile website and app, not only so that your customers will be able to find a phone number easily, but also so that calls made directly from your website or app will be tracked as such.

Data on the volume of calls that come from your mobile site or app can help with: 

  • Lead scoring
  • Better customer service
  • Maximising conversions
  • Improving marketing activities

Clearly, businesses that combine mobile strategies with call analytics enjoy a much greater advantage when it comes to designing their marketing activities.

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