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Business Value of Business-to-Enterprise Mobile Apps

Posted by Jitendh Naidu

01/02/13 15:27

Mobile apps are not just for the B2C Market. According a study released earlier this month, Apple’s iOS is becoming the most popular platform for enterprise app development – with 53.2% of developers picking iOS for corporate app development compared to 37.4% of developers standing behind Android. RIM’s BlackBerry, the old guard of enterprise mobility, came in a distant fourth behind Windows Phone with only 2% of developers supporting it.

Business to Business Mobile Apps

Thanks to the consumerization of information technology and the app store phenomenon Enterprise Mobile Applications are moving away (thankfully) from clunky form driven screens. Business-to-Enterprise (B2E) apps are now expected to provide polished and guided business process with zero learning curve. This of course is a mixed blessing. On one hand there is more up front work in mobile projects to “get it right”. On the other hand when successful there are many benefits to change management, training, process conformity, and increased throughput.

If you already have a case to replace an existing desktop or paper based solution then it will pay to consider “mobile first” where the new solution has mobile components or is entirely mobile based. However if you are proposing to mobilise an existing process then it is important to concentrate on real business value to successfully compete for funds. I like to think of two general benefit categories for Enterprise Mobile Applications. Less Bad and More Good!

Business value of B2E apps

These general buckets are great for a high level discussion. However when it comes to preparing a business case a more thorough investigation of mobile applications and functionality is required. I’ve compiled a short list by Mobile Application of some typical benefits.

Employee Self Service and CRM/Sales

Service / Plant Maintenance / Asset Maintenance and Stock Take

Proof of Delivery and Mobile Inventory/ Warehouse Management

Most organisations have limited funds and plenty of potential candidates for investment. Hopefully the above tips will help when formulating a case for B2E mobile applications. 

This blogs content was originally written and published by Adam Sivell. Read the original blog and his other thoughts on enterprise mobility here.


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