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10 B2B Mobile Marketing Ideas

Posted by Jamie Turner

07/03/13 16:45

Are you interested in learning more about B2B mobile marketing? If you’re like many people, you can think of a lot of ways B2C companies use mobile marketing. But if you work in the B2B world, then you might be stuck trying to come up with B2B mobile marketing ideas.

The good news is that B2B mobile marketing can be every bit as useful in the business marketplace as it is in the consumer marketplace.

B2B Mobile Marketing

1. Create a Mobile Website - This is the foundation for all mobile marketing, so if you don’t have a mobile website yet, we’d encourage you to create one. Surprisingly, it’s not all that complex.

2. Find Out How Your B2B Mobile Website Stacks Up - Marketing Grader is HubSpot’s upgrade to their Website Grader tool. Included in the tool is a mobile grader that can give you insights to how well your mobile website is performing.

3. Use QR Codes to bring offline leads online - QR codes won’t be around forever, but they can still be used to engage B2B audiences. Drop a QR Code into your collateral the next time you are doing events, trade shows and marketing.

4. Link Mobile Banner Ads to Email Campaigns - Run a mobile banner ad that, when clicked, creates an email instead of loading a web page. For example, when a person clicks on a banner ad from their phone, an email pops up on their screen that they can forward to friends. The email might say, “Meet me at Bob’s Italian Restaurant and we’ll all get 10% off our bar tab.” 

5. Create a Mobile Banner Ad that Only Targets Certain Demographics - Did you know that you can create a mobile banner ad campaign that only targets people in airports? Or only people who have visited a certain website in the past 2 weeks? Or only people who use the Android or iOS?

6.  Run a Mobile Banner Ad that adds an Event to the Visitor’s Calendar - Someone visiting a mobile website sees a mobile banner ad on their smart phone. The banner ad is for your company and it says, “Mark Your Calendar for Our Grand Opening Event!” When the user clicks on your banner ad, the event is automatically added to their calendar. 

7. Create a Customized App for Your Event or Trade Show - Create an app that enables attendees to navigate your event or trade show with ease. It is a great way to connect and engage with your audience.

8. Launch an SMS Campaign - Use SMS to Stay in Touch with Customers. We wouldn’t recommend adopting SMS as a way to advertise in general. The idea here is to deliver highly relevant messaging to a hyper-targeted group of recipients with a clear Call-to-Action.

9. Integrate Your Social Media Campaigns with Mobile - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms are all over mobile. Keep that in mind when posting updates — since people reading your social media updates might be mobile, you can encourage them to stop by your retail location with time-sensitive promotions sent out via social media.

10.   Run a Mobile Paid Search Campaign - Mobile paid search is a hidden gold mine. It’s hard to make a killing with desktop search anymore because the cost of keywords has been driven up. But the cost for mobile paid search is still low, so you can have a pretty good ROI.


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This article by Jamie Turner was originally posted on the 60 Second Marketer blog.

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